How Can I Keep From Singing

We will sing again. Combining together into a choir with one purpose, our anthems will no longer be silenced. How Can I Keep From Singing will take ARC members through a unique trifecta with the ‘soul’ purpose of awakening, nurturing, and sharing the magic of voices in virtual harmony!



After AWAKENing to the reality of Virtual programming, ARC is looking forward to some musical NURTURing! Semester two: Music that will feed your soul, sharing/observing opportunities that will nurture your vocal growth and development, and a tight-knit community that will surround you from afar. ARC knows that winter can be cold and dark, but from January to April, we will be turning up the heat on your Wednesday nights and shaking off those winter blues! 

Ending in ECLECTICA our 2021 ARC Talent Show, Nurture is a semester where anything goes! The sky's the limit this semester - no matter what song, sung lyric, genre, solo artist, band or group, and costume nurtures your heart, it is fair game!
Each month you can look forward to:
  • SINGing and laughing with your choir makes through rounds, exercises, and vocal challenges. (1x per month)
  • Learn a choral selection through sectionals (2x per month)
  • GetOnUP Coffee House: Participating in, or watching others try out songs they are working on over Zoom. Anything goes - solo (or ensemble) selections...something else? (1x per month)
  • Continue expanding your vocal instrument in reSOUND 2
    • Add to your toolbox of techniques and theory-based skills
    • Work will a MYSTERY special guest vocal coach (one workshop within the reSOUND 2 series)
Keep the momentum going - Come and be NURTURed - ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!
Choral Director: Michelle Kotelko
Session Dates:
NURTURE: Jan 13 - Apr 21 (Spring Break - No rehearsals Mar 31/Apr 7 )

Rehearsal Structure:
-Online/Virtual Platform
-Wednesdays from 7-9pm
-See term calendar for breakdown of rehearsals, sectionals & workshops

ARC 2020-21
Jan - Apr 2021: $125

We’ve set fees this year at a reasonable level that enable us to produce a virtual season full of valuable content to keep your singing skills up, to keep our community together, and to sustain the operation of ARC. Without your membership - and we hope you’ll join us for the entire 2020-21 season - ARC could not continue.
Membership fees do not cover all the costs of operating ARC. We also rely on grants, fundraising revenue, donations and ticket sales. In a typical year, fees only cover about one-third of the cost of running the choir. In this extraordinary season, without ticket revenue and other typical activities that generate revenue, we will have an increased reliance on membership revenue and donations. If you are able, we invite you to support us with a charitable contribution to support ongoing operations. We thank you for your past and continued support.

Refunds, Bursaries and Special Payments:  Due to a reduced administrative complement and our unique circumstances, we will not be processing returns or refunds, or issuing special payment arrangements or bursaries

Artistic and Administrative Teams
ARC will operate with reduced artistic and administrative teams until normal operations resume. 

Brian Bowman, Artistic Director 
Michelle Kotelko, Principal Director & Associate Artistic Director
Reema Fanning, Principal Choreographer & Associate Artistic Director
Garrett Krause, Accompanist
Faye White, Accompanist

Brian Bowman, Acting Executive Director 
Keith Kotelko, General Manager
Candace Dart, Business Manager
Reema Fanning, Program & Communications Coordinator